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Transaction Accounting and Budget Control System (TABUCS) is a web based accounting system which captures the basic accounting transaction and based on budgetary control procedures at source level, so that no expenditure can be done without an approved budget. Only after authorization the cost center can expense the budget. It is a user friendly system which can be used in poor or limited internet connection and an offline version of TABUCS has also been developed for the no internet access places. An offline version of TABUCS will allow users to enter the data and prepare the reports without internet. TABUCS is designed to work both in Nepali and English Language interface.

It is an automatic system which is processing of expenditures and payments, automatic posting of payments to ledger accounts and summary accounts, processing of cash and bank receipts and revenues, automatic posting of receipts to ledger accounts and summary accounts, automatic posting in cash and bank books, generation of all ledgers in accounting Management Information System (MIS) reports including Financial Monitoring Reports (FMRs).

The TABUCS is designed in three tire architecture. User interface is its first tire, which will be displayed in web browser. The user interface is designed with DHTML, graphics and AJAX. In the middle tire there is business logic developed in ASP, which is responsible to capture data from user interface, process the captured data and store on database. In the third tire, there is relational database designed in MS SQL Server 2005. In the system the database is responsible to store all data in relational way. Because of the system is web based, the system is accessible via internet in web browser, although it has capability to work in both online and offline mode.

TABUCS serves as a key component of a full-fledged Planning and Financial Management Information System (PFMIS), required by the Ministry of Health (MoH) for comprehensive financial management at the Ministry level. The PFMIS is divided into six modules as shown in the screen above. All the Six modules contain a tab called Secuity.

Portfolio Facts

Project Start Date: 11-12-2015
Project Ending Date: 12-12-2016
Client Name: Tabucs
Company Name: Tabucs
Client Address: Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal

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