Education sector of Nepal has a short history. Prior to 1950, education was limited to the ruling elites. After the reintroduction of democracy in 1990, the country’s education sector witnessed a boom with the investment from private sector. However, there remains a huge gap in the quality of education offered by public and private schools.

Public schools are beset by poor infrastructure, unskilled teachers and are overcrowded. Students who graduate from public schools find it hard to compete with those graduating from private schools. Thousands of students are left out of school and very few schools are children friendly. Though enrollment of girl students has been encouraging at primary level, their drop-out rate increases as they ascend to higher level of education. Quality of education imparted by educational institutions across the country is questionable. Various factors such as lack of sound monitoring and evaluation mechanism, poor infrastructure of educational institutions, unskilled teachers and unscientific curriculum are some of the reasons behind poor quality of Education. Educationalists at SAIPAL are committed to providing appropriate solution to the problems in this sector.